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Sto­ry to line

You’re a Euro­pean fash­ion Design­er and you want to pen­e­trate the Chi­nese e-com­merce indus­try?
Sto­ry to Line just launched its inno­v­a­tive pro­gram allow­ing inde­pen­dent fash­ion brands to unlock Chi­na and pen­e­trate its e-com­merce indus­try thanks to exclu­sive Euro­pean and Chi­nese partnerships.

Oppor­tu­ni­ty for Euro­pean design­ers in Chi­na
Born in Sep­tem­ber 2017 with the desire to share every fash­ion Design­ers’ uni­verse, the Bel­gian plat­form Sto­ry to Line was the first uni­fy­ing label gath­er­ing the best inde­pen­dent Design­ers. Sto­ry to Line is now sup­port­ed by Unit­ed Fash­ion to become the ambas­sador for a new wave of Euro­pean Design­ers to a promis­ing mar­ket: Chi­na.
With this inter­na­tion­al vision, Sto­ry to Line offers the exclu­sive oppor­tu­ni­ty to pro­mote and sell Euro­pean Design­ers’ prod­ucts in the Chi­nese e-com­merce indus­try, which has been dif­fi­cult to access. This new pro­gram gives the Design­ers a direct access to two of the most pop­u­lar Chi­nese B2C plat­forms: Kao­la and Xiao­hong­shu (alias The Lit­tle Red book) with a strong mar­ket­ing sup­port pro­vid­ed by Lili L’Egoïste 自私丽丽, the Chi­nese ver­sion of the label. 

Sto­ry to line
Sto­ry to Line is offi­cial­ly launch­ing in April with tal­ent­ed brands on board such as Filles à Papa, Nei­th Nyer x DDP, Dela­fon Paris, Bibi van der Velden and more.
Con­sid­ered as a uni­corn” in the finance world — along with Uber, AirBnb and Stripe — and now val­ued at more than $ 3 bil­lion (fol­low­ing the $ 300 mil­lion D-Series invest­ment by Aliba­ba), Xiao­hong­shu brings togeth­er a large com­mu­ni­ty of young, sophis­ti­cat­ed Chi­nese mil­len­ni­als — eager to acquire the lat­est fash­ion pieces from Euro­pean brands. This plat­form reach­es a con­ver­sion rate of 8% and more than 30 mil­lion month­ly active users. With 25.8% mar­ket share, Kao­la is the first cross-bor­der import retail e-com­merce in Chi­na fol­lowed by Tmall Glob­al and JD World­wide. It focus­es on world­wide goods by tar­get­ing con­sumers will­ing to buy gen­uine and high-qual­i­ty prod­ucts. Euro­pean brands choos­ing to inter­na­tion­alise their sales on those plat­forms secure them­selves a great vis­i­bil­i­ty on the Chi­nese online mar­ket.
How­ev­er, such a mar­ket pen­e­tra­tion rep­re­sents a sig­nif­i­cant cost for brands will­ing to estab­lish them­selves on Chi­nese lux­u­ry mar­ket­places. Costs can go up to sev­er­al tens of thou­sands of euros for a 6-month col­lab­o­ra­tion which can impose a large vol­ume of sales to get breakeven. 

To over­come this bar­ri­er, Sto­ry to Line has part­nered with key play­ers of the Chi­nese e-com­merce indus­try, includ­ing Xiao­hong­shu and Kao­la, to set up an inno­v­a­tive B2C sales solu­tion to low­er the pen­e­tra­tion costs and increase the suc­cess rate. In addi­tion to a direct access to the Aliba­ba-fund­ed Uni­corn and the cross-bor­der mar­ket leader, the mem­bers of the label will receive full sup­port includ­ing: logis­ti­cal sup­port (trans­la­tions, the pres­ence of a Chi­nese cus­tomer ser­vice 247, the set­up of their Chi­nese accounts, inven­to­ry and cus­tomer return man­age­ment) and mar­ket­ing sup­port dri­ven by the Chi­nese ver­sion of Sto­ry to Line called Lili L’Egoïste 自私丽丽, on Chi­nese social net­works and amongst influencers.

Sto­ry to Line label empow­ers inde­pen­dent Euro­pean fash­ion design­ers to con­quer Chi­na
As of April 10, the fash­ion brands Filles A Papa and Bibi van der Velden will be avail­able online for sale in Chi­na, under Sto­ry to line, the Euro­pean label based in Brus­sels.
Great inno­va­tion in Europe with Sto­ry to Line! The ecom­merce site and label, which high­lights emerg­ing tal­ents of Bel­gian fash­ion since Sep­tem­ber 2017, decid­ed to see things big and to expand to Chi­na. Under the label, the young com­pa­ny unites sev­er­al Euro­pean fash­ion ready-to-wear and acces­sories brands (Filles A Papa, Bibi van der Velden, Anap­sara, DDP x Nei­th Nyer,…), allow­ing them to be sold on pres­ti­gious Chi­nese online sales plat­forms, so far quite inac­ces­si­ble and expen­sive for for­eign actors.

An inno­v­a­tive sell­ing solu­tion
Pro­mot­ed by the Euro­pean project Unit­ed Fash­ion”, the label opens the doors of the Chi­nese mar­ket to inde­pen­dent Euro­pean design­ers. The goal? Pro­vide them with direct B2C sales access in Chi­na. Two major play­ers in Chi­nese e-com­merce have indeed agreed to sell online the best of inde­pen­dent Euro­pean fash­ion brands rep­re­sent­ed by Sto­ry to Line: Xiao­hong­shu (aka The Lit­tle Red Book) and Kaola: 

  • Xiao­hong­shu: con­sid­ered as uni­corn” in the world of finance — along with Uber, Airbnb and Stripe — and now weigh­ing over $ 3 bil­lion fol­low­ing Alibaba’s $ 300 mil­lion Series D invest­ment, Xiao­hong­shu brings togeth­er a large com­mu­ni­ty of young, sophis­ti­cat­ed Chi­nese con­sumers from the so-called mil­len­ni­als” gen­er­a­tion, eager to acquire the lat­est fash­ion pieces from Euro­pean fash­ion brands. 
  • Kao­la: One of the Chi­nese lead­ers for cross-bor­der sales. With 25.8% mar­ket share, it rep­re­sents one of the must-have online sales plat­forms for for­eign lux­u­ry brands sell­ing direct­ly to Chi­nese consumers. 

Usu­al­ly, such a mar­ket pen­e­tra­tion strat­e­gy rep­re­sents a sig­nif­i­cant cost for Euro­pean brands will­ing to estab­lish them­selves alone on these Chi­nese lux­u­ry mar­ket­places. This invest­ment can amount to sev­er­al tens of thou­sands of euros for six months of col­lab­o­ra­tion in addi­tion to entry fees and the inter­ven­tion of manda­to­ry inter­me­di­aries. Those high costs require a large cash capac­i­ty and a need for large vol­umes of sales to reach the breakeven point.
By join­ing Sto­ry to Line, all these costs are borne by the label in exchange for a month­ly fee allow­ing mem­ber brands to quick­ly reach a return on investment. 

By join­ing Sto­ry to Line, all these costs are borne by the label in exchange for a month­ly fee allow­ing mem­ber brands to quick­ly reach a return on invest­ment.
To enable inde­pen­dent and promis­ing Euro­pean brands to break through both finan­cial and prac­ti­cal bar­ri­ers, Sto­ry to Line has part­nered with key play­ers in the Chi­nese e-com­merce mar­ket to offer exper­tise and com­pre­hen­sive sup­port, such as: 

  • a logis­ti­cal sup­port (trans­la­tions, the pres­ence of a 247 Chi­nese cus­tomer ser­vice, the set­ting up of the brand’s Chi­nese accounts, the man­age­ment of ship­ments and returns and the man­age­ment of their inventories) 
  • a mar­ket­ing sup­port through Sto­ry and Line’s social media chan­nels and KOLs (Key opin­ion lead­ers): on Wei­bo and WeChat. The label will strong­ly pro­mote its Euro­pean design­ers to the Chi­nese com­mu­ni­ty and thus dri­ve traf­fic and sales on the Chi­nese mar­ket­places. In order to adapt to Chi­nese val­ues, the label’s social media will be rep­re­sent­ed by the char­ac­ter of Lili L’Egoïste 自私 丽丽. Lili, the avatar of Sto­ry to Line, intends to con­vey the val­ues of Chi­nese Mil­len­ni­als such as the claim of indi­vid­u­al­i­ty, iden­ti­ty and style: Dare to be yourself”!

Julie and Mil­lie, co-founders: In part­ner­ship with our spe­cial­ized and cer­ti­fied Chi­nese agents and through online sales plat­forms, we promise our mem­ber design­ers a secure, com­pre­hen­sive and qual­i­fied inter­na­tion­al mar­ket pen­e­tra­tion. It is a sales solu­tion, an inno­v­a­tive ser­vice and a real oppor­tu­ni­ty for brands ready to enter the B2C Chi­nese lux­u­ry mar­ket. The lat­ter will con­sti­tute 42% of glob­al online com­merce by 2020. The stakes are huge! ” 

Euro­pean brands already trust Sto­ry to Line
Just launched, this new ver­sion of Sto­ry to Line has already seduced sev­er­al tal­ent­ed Euro­pean brands, such as the Bel­gian brand and young street-style Filles A Papa, the Dutch jew­el­ry house Bibi van der Velden, the Bel­gian-Ital­ian Anap­sara and the famous 90’s ready-to-wear brand DDP mak­ing its come­back with design­er Nei­th Nyer, as well as oth­ers.
For 8 years, Filles A Papa has pros­pered in Europe and in the Unit­ed States, but in recent months we have noticed a grow­ing inter­est in our cloth­ing in Asia and espe­cial­ly in Chi­na. We want to be part of a new world and we are very excit­ed to be work­ing with Sto­ry To Line to meet this chal­lenge. ” Filles A Papa 

Addi­tion­al facts 

  • Sto­ry to Line, from Sto­ry to Line”, is a label that aims to pro­mote high-end fash­ion from Euro­pean emerg­ing tal­ents and high­light the sto­ry behind the mak­ing of the collections. 
  • Sto­ry to Line encour­ages Euro­pean design­ers to join the label on its web­site www​.sto​ry​to​line​.com, — Join us as a design­er” tab. The per­fect oppor­tu­ni­ty to belong to a rep­re­sen­ta­tive com­mu­ni­ty of the cur­rent Euro­pean fash­ion, expect­ing to grow in China.
  • Sto­ry to Line offers a tai­lored exper­tise and adapts its ser­vices regard­ing the needs and strate­gies of its brands. 

Join sto­ry to line
In part­ner­ship with its spe­cial­ized and cer­ti­fied Chi­nese agents, Sto­ry to Line promis­es its mem­bers inter­na­tion­al vis­i­bil­i­ty. This ini­tia­tive offers a sales solu­tion, an inno­v­a­tive ser­vice and a real oppor­tu­ni­ty for Design­ers will­ing to tack­le the Chi­nese B2C lux­u­ry mar­ket which will, by 2020, rep­re­sent 42% of the world’s e-com­merce.
Sto­ry to Line urges Euro­pean Design­ers to join the label on its web­site sto​ry​to​line​.com, join us as a design­er” and con­tribute to the growth of a com­mu­ni­ty rep­re­sen­ta­tive of the cur­rent and future Euro­pean fash­ion industry.

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