White Wed­ding .
Kozarics Viktor

Vik­tor Kozarics was born in Pécs, in a coun­try seat of Hun­gary in 1981. Vik­tor has learnt sewing and dif­fer­ent types of nee­dle work from his grand­moth­er in his child­hood. After he grad­u­at­ed as an IT and Architecht engi­neer he start­ed his own busi­ness as a wed­ding plan­ner. It was more than 10 years ago. His love and pas­sion for wed­dings and cre­ativ­i­ty will always stay in the cen­ter of his heart what­ev­er way life will take him. He has learnt a lot through his busi­ness and cus­tomers dur­ing these years and it all came alive when he cre­at­ed his first col­lec­tion in 2016. With this col­lec­tion he proved his comitt­ment to fashion.

About Com­pa­ny KozaricsVik­tor­Dress was estab­lished in 2008 work­ing pre­dom­i­nant­ly as a bridal shop, named Whitewe­did­ng. Lat­er he start­ed to work as a tai­lor-made design ate­lier. From its debute, The Vik­tor Kozarics brand rep­re­sents a unique con­cept of com­bin­ing ready-to-wear fash­ion with a per­son­al, made to mea­sure ser­vice. The com­pa­ny spe­cial­izes in mak­ing wed­ding dress­es and tai­lor-made suits but also shows ambi­tions to make ready-to-wear col­lec­tions like the one pre­sent­ed, The Jeans Iverse col­lec­tion, from 2019.