Lan­da Bags
Silvana Landa McAdam

Unit­ed Fash­ion event: Lille 2019

LAN­DA is an excit­ing new acces­sories brand designed in Ire­land and pro­duced in Ubrique, Spain. The brand was cre­at­ed by Argen­tine-born Sil­vana Lan­da McAdam, who from an ear­ly age grew up watch­ing her Ital­ian grand­fa­ther work with leather in his cobbler’s work­shop. With fond mem­o­ries of her grandad pas­sion­ate­ly work­ing in a trade he loved so much, it seemed a nat­ur­al step to start design­ing leather hand­bags and cre­at­ing a beau­ti­ful brand that would add immense val­ue to her cus­tomers. LANDA’s core val­ues as a brand are: authen­tic, high qual­i­ty, afford­able, prac­ti­cal and styl­ish. Our hand­bags are hand­made in Spain by arti­sans that fol­low tra­di­tion­al meth­ods, respect­ing the indus­try. It takes more than 15 hours to pro­duce this piece.