Unit­ed Fash­ion event: Lille 2019

Found­ed in 2015, Mai­son Trem­blepierre takes the bold step of revis­it­ing an icon­ic piece: the kimono.

The tra­di­tion­al Japan­ese kimono is a true work of art: dye­ing, embroi­dery, prints, and its design, both prac­ti­cal and aes­thet­ic, mak­ing it an excep­tion­al piece,” says Olivia Berth­elot, the cre­ator of Trem­blepierre. I was seduced by the val­ues​it con­veys, but also by the eroti­cism that emerges, and whose geishas are the sym­bol in our imagination.”

The kimono is his favorite piece, a blank can­vas where to give free rein to his cre­ative impulses …

THE KIMONO (RE) SEEN BY TREM­BLEPIERRE a mix of lux­u­ry and casu­al, both sophis­ti­cat­ed and non­cha­lant, strong and del­i­cate, fem­i­nine and mas­cu­line, the Trem­blepierre kimono mix­es tra­di­tion and moder­ni­ty.

It becomes an armor that we adorn our­selves in every sea­son.

Trem­blepierre kimonos are made in lim­it­ed series in Paris and mate­ri­als select­ed from the stock ends of French lux­u­ry homes, which empha­sizes the exclu­sive char­ac­ter of the pieces.

Trem­blepierre has fun with this white can­vas that is the kimono, a reflec­tion of a rich Japan­ese artis­tic cul­ture. The label asso­ci­at­ed with artists with strong and var­ied uni­vers­es to pro­pose each time a new inter­pre­ta­tion in lim­it­ed and exclu­sive edi­tions of the kimono.