Kristi Andress
Kristiana Kalinauskaite

Unit­ed Fash­ion event: Riga 2018

A known Lithuan­ian fash­ion label Kristi Andress estab­lished in 2006 by the design­ers Kristi­na Kalin­auskaite and her hus­band Andrius Serge­jenko. Their mis­sion is to offer orig­i­nal designs and tech­niques in hand­craft­ing tra­di­tions by pay­ing atten­tion to the aes­thet­ics of the gar­ment both inside and out. Every Kristi Andress col­lec­tion is light, soft and pure as well as being a dis­tinct sto­ry, where every gar­ment is a part of the story.