Unit­ed Fash­ion event: Lille 2019

Fash­ion world of IVE­TA VEC­MANE presents the new col­lec­tion: MELAN­CHO­LIA IIIETHNOG­RA­PHY — which con­tin­ues the sto­ry of col­lec­tions MELAN­CHO­LIA I and MELAN­CHO­LIA II. MELAN­CHO­LIA III con­tin­ues its jour­ney nav­i­gat­ing grace­ful­ly between the past and the future, by explor­ing the her­itage of 18. and 19. cen­tu­ry Lat­vian Nation­al Cos­tume, the col­ors of the time, sil­hou­ette, old tech­niques of fold­ing the fab­ric and ele­gant play with the dis­tinc­tive ele­ments. High­light­ing the impor­tance of the his­tor­i­cal her­itage through the con­tem­po­rary prism of the mod­ern age.That which holds that the seeds of the past bears the fruits in the future, and some­times in order to cre­ate a new world there is a need for old foun­da­tions to buid upon. IVE­TA VEC­MANE is a fash­ion brand for women, based in Riga, Latvia, cre­at­ed in 2017. Ive­ta has been a fash­ion styl­ist for the past 10 years, who empha­sized her works at the biggest fash­ion and lifestyle mag­a­zines and fash­ion projects in Latvia. She has trans­formed her expe­ri­ence skills into a qual­i­ta­tive fash­ion brand for the mod­ern, ele­gant and con­tem­po­rary women. My mis­sion is to con­struct ele­gant and clas­sic sil­hou­ettes, using cre­ative fab­ric manip­u­la­tion tech­niques as pleats. And every unique piece is rep­re­sent­ing time­less and slow fash­ion philosophy.