Giuseppe Vir­gone
Giuseppe Virgone

Unit­ed Fash­ion event: Berlin 2019

The cre­ation of a con­tem­po­rary cloak­room includ­ing sil­hou­ettes both raw and poet­ic for the man — The dark col­ors, which have an impor­tant place in this cloak­room, is coun­ter­bal­anced by the open­ings and forms cre­at­ed. The super­po­si­tion of mate­ri­als brings a heavy side to the sil­hou­ette of the GIUSEPPE­VIR­GONE man. From entire­ly black col­lec­tions, dis­sect­ed, heavy and at the same time frag­ile, the col­ors are grad­u­al­ly appeared such as green and red. I work main­ly with noble mate­ri­als: silk, cot­ton, wool. The sil­hou­ettes break­down like a sar­to­r­i­al rit­u­al. The start­ing point is usu­al­ly the monas­tic cloak­room at each col­lec­tion and then arrive at the streetwear with the cre­ation of sweat­shirts, hood­ed jack­ets and bombers main­ly. Space and body move­ments are always present when I cre­ate and draw a new col­lec­tion. I have in mind the spa­tial occu­pa­tion of sil­hou­ettes in the form of per­for­mance. I also try to destruc­ture the sil­hou­ette to make room for a fall, the goal being to drown the body to cre­ate a new sil­hou­ette and anoth­er movement.