Extra- Ordi­naire

Extra-Ordi­naire is a dig­i­tal and phys­i­cal plat­form with a mis­sion to con­nect design and craft. Pop­u­lar cul­ture is our com­mon ground, and we believe there are no bound­aries to cre­ative collaborations. 

A gen­er­ous blend of ideas, long-estab­lished tech­niques (savoir-faire) and folk­lore from around the globe is our recipe to extra­or­di­nary. Since Octo­ber 2019, our Brus­sels based space was estab­lished to share our cre­ations and find­ings with the world. 

Prac­ti­cal­ly, we offer a range of clothes, objects and acces­sories made extra­or­di­nary by their com­bi­na­tion of design and craft mak­ing. Along our bor­der­less cre­ative jour­ney, we bring back excep­tion­al, but com­mon by use, objects from where the mak­ing takes place. 

Behind our mis­sion, there’s a will to pre­serve tra­di­tion­al craft mak­ing and inde­pen­dent work­shops. Our soci­ety is caught up in a fast-paced econ­o­my that does not give space to tra­di­tion which is, by def­i­n­i­tion, sta­t­ic. Numer­ous craft mak­ers do not have the tools to thrive and we aim at fos­ter­ing their work by propos­ing strong hand in hand collaborations.