Unit­ed Fash­ion event: Lille 2019

UMA OATH is born through the pas­sion of dance, tex­tile design, cou­ture and the need to find sub­stance with­in the fash­ion indus­try. Fast fash­ion and mass pro­duc­tion have led to a sig­nif­i­cant drop in the qual­i­ty of fab­rics, val­ue, and even work ethics.

UMA OATH’s acces­si­ble and min­i­mal­is­tic designs use exclu­sive fab­rics, usu­al­ly kept for lux­u­ry sports­wear, and adopt urban appar­el codes.

The craft of work­ing with tech­ni­cal fab­rics is dif­fi­cult to tame and is with­in itself, a home­com­ing jour­ney to the core essence of the pro­fes­sion. Com­bin­ing strength and com­fort, the cloth­ing becomes a tool for move­ment while main­tain­ing a struc­tured line. UMA OATH’s made-in France designs advo­cate for the appar­el of value. 

Sim­plic­i­ty is her land of refuge. A time­less universe.

An unfail­ing identity.

Art of being.

Part­ner of the human­i­tar­i­an asso­ci­a­tion Dance Unit­ed, UMA OATH bares a promise: to sup­port Humans as they move through life.