Unit­ed Fash­ion event: Lille 2019

Since 2009, Clivia Nobil­i’s col­lec­tions explore the world of work.
Work­er’s jack­et, painter’s blouse, work­wear spir­it pants: the pieces are inspired by the work clothes and draw their DNA in the pop­u­lar mem­o­ry.
At the same time inher­i­tance of the past and win­dow open on the future. Trib­ute and cre­ative diversion.

Clivia Nobili pays par­tic­u­lar atten­tion to the choice of fab­rics that skate nice­ly over time and the mak­ing of every detail: but­ton­hole, con­trast bias, back pocket.

Cloth­ing with sim­ple, pure and func­tion­al lines. Timeless.


Ode to work­ing-class heroes”, the coat releas­es the ges­ture and becomes a sec­ond skin.
With­out cheat­ing. Nei­ther super­flu­ous.
He does not dis­guise real­i­ty.
It makes us feel good … and more than ever, ourselves.