Unit­ed Fash­ion event: Berlin 2019

TheCesar Casi­er Knitwear Col­lec­tion is 100% made in Bel­gium, some­thing that is very rare nowa­days. Every­thing I design is pro­duced in a small fam­i­ly-owned fac­to­ry locat­ed in Sint-Niklaas, a city between Antwerp and my home­town Ghent. Fact is that back in the days there were about 300 fac­to­ries locat­ed in this area and now there are only two left, a sad real­i­ty. There­fore, it is impor­tant to sup­port the Bel­gian mar­ket as much as pos­si­ble!
Next, to my roots, my brand rep­re­sents Gen­der Equal­i­ty. A human right I hold dear and it is some­thing I stand for. I trans­late this into my designs, as they are most­ly uni­sex. I want my brand to lead the way in gen­der-neu­tral fash­ion. In my opin­ion, gen­der no longer dic­tates the way peo­ple dress and it does not force any­one into a box. That is why I try to design as many gen­der-neu­tral pieces as pos­si­ble, this allows us to express our­selves exact­ly the way we all want to. My designs are time­less, com­fort­able and basic, yet fash­ion­able and with an eye for detail and great qual­i­ty
I’ve always loved nature and even more, the ani­mals who live in it. That’s why, for every sold item on my web­site, I’ll donate 1 euro to a charity.