Unit­ed Fash­ion event: Berlin 2018

HOR­ROR VACUI dis­tills icon­ic codes of night­wear, tra­di­tion­al tai­lor­ing, and urban edge into immac­u­late pyja­mas. It‘s all in the charm­ing details.
The fear of empti­ness (lat. hor­ror vacui) appears in many areas of artis­tic and intel­lec­tu­al life and serves as an inspi­ra­tion source for Anna Hein­richs.
In psy­chol­o­gy, the hor­ror vacui‘ prin­ci­ple is relat­ed to the human instinct to dec­o­rate one’s sur­round­ings. In arts and visu­al dis­ci­plines, hor­ror vacui is the urge to fill all emp­ty space with all kinds of details. The abil­i­ty to over­come this instinct is being con­sid­ered a sign of self-con­trol – the emp­ty‘ becom­ing good taste.However, the term itself is much old­er than mod­ern art the­o­ry. In Ancient Greece, it was a pos­tu­late by Aris­to­tle, that a void in nature can­not exist.With HOR­ROR VACUI Anna Hein­richs rede­fines this dimen­sion: excit­ing col­ors, mod­ern pat­terns, unex­pect­ed mate­ri­als, and elab­o­rate cut­ting tech­niques as well as pro­cess­ing details trans­form monot­o­nous basics into char­ac­ter pieces. HOR­ROR VACUI cel­e­brates char­ac­ter and indi­vid­u­al­i­ty. CUL­TI­VATE DIVERSITY