Alek­san­dra Viktor
Aleksandra Viktor

Found­ed in Berlin by Alek­san­dra Jagdfeld, ALEK­SAN- DRAVIK­TOR pro­duces exquis­ite tai­lored cloth­ing manu- fac­tured in tra­di­tion­al­weav­ing techniques. 

Her first col­lec­tion con­sists of 9 excep­tion­al Cha­pan coats superbly­high­light­ed in a range of bold­ly curat­ed sophisti- cat­ed colours and­pat­terns. Each hand-woven coat is made from a blend of the­high­est qual­i­ty cot­tons and silks spe- cif­i­cal­ly designed & cre­at­ed for­this col­lec­tion (50÷50 — The lin­ing is 100% silk). 

The coats are time­less. Exclu­sive pieces that can be worn in amul­ti­tude of ways: casu­al or ele­gant – night or day. It’s a coat that­tran­scends sea­sons and is uni­sex. It’s a collector’s piece for thedis­cern­ing eye. 

Ikat” is a tra­di­tion­al weav­ing tech­nique used in dif­fer­ent parts ofthe world, where the yarn is dyed in sec­tions before being­processed on the loom. This treat­ment and con­ver­sion of thethreads cre­ates stun­ning irreg­u­lar col­or­ings of the yarn into unique­ge­o­met­ric pat­terns. This very rudi­men- tary tech­nique is rec­og­nizedand used in var­i­ous cul­tures such along the his­tor­i­cal silk road. Thes­pe­cif­ic cloud-like pat­terns of an Uzbek ikat coat called Cha­panare unique. Worn by men and women alike through­out Cen­tralA­sia. The often over­sized sleeves pro­tect against cold and were anex­pres­sion of polite with­draw­al when show­ing bare skin. 

Through one icon­ic wardrobe essen­tial, ALEK­SAN­DRA- VIK­TOR takesy­ou on a jour­ney explor­ing her­itage, tra­di- tion, cul­ture, and adeep­er sense of connection. 

Alek­san­dra ́s great goal is to sup­port local man­u­fac­to­ries all over­the world and help them main­tain­ing in times of fast fash­ion. The­brand val­ues the prove­nance and ori­gin of fash­ion. The­crafts­man­ship and tra­di­tion com­bined with sophis­ti­cat­ed des­ignare the fun­da­ments of the spirit.